parking permits

Parking spaces at the Fine Arts Center are facilitated in cooperation with Wade Hampton High School. NO FAC PARKING PERMITS CAN BE SOLD TO WADE HAMPTON STUDENTS. THESE PERMITS MUST BE PURCHASED AT WADE HAMPTON HIGH SCHOOL. Only a limited number of spots are available in the student parking lot. Once those are sold out, passes will only be available for the athletic lot. Student lot parking passes are $50 and athletic lot passes are $25. Only junior and senior students may purchase a student lot pass. Underclassmen are only allowed to purchase an athletic lot pass.

How to obtain a parking pass:

  1. Complete the Parking Permit application.
  2. Complete the Application to Drive or Ride in a Car
  3. Return both completed applications to the FAC Assistant Director, Kaci Cotter.
  4. Pay for your parking pass online or bring in a completed check to the FAC Assistant Director.
  5. Once Ms. Cotter has received the completed applications and a receipt for payment, she will issue a numbered tag to display in your car.

Large instrument passes will only be assigned to students playing the bass cello or cello. Once a regular parking permit is purchased, let Ms. Cotter know if you play one of these two large instruments. Once she verifies such, she will issue a large instrument pass at no extra cost.


Students are permitted to drive or ride in a car to and from the Fine Arts Center. However, a permission form must be completed by the student and signed by the student’s guardian, the principal at the home school, and the director of the Fine Arts Center. Application to Drive or Ride in a Car

Driving to school is a privilege not a right. Violations to the Wade Hampton Parking Policies will result in Disciplinary Action. Students may also receive parking fines.