FAC Partners

The Fine Arts Center Partners is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and increasing the visibility of the Fine Arts Center of Greenville County Schools, South Carolina's oldest public high school program for the performing, literary and visual arts. The Partners is an entirely volunteer-run organization, allowing us to donate 100% of all funds raised directly to the school to help fund the extraordinary arts education offered there.

Partners membership is open to parents of past and present FAC students, FAC alumni and all community members who wish to promote the goal of the Fine Arts Center: to provide advanced, comprehensive arts instruction to students who are artistically talented and wish to participate in an intensive, pre-professional program of study in music, dance, theatre, visual art or digital filmmaking.


2019 Spring Business Meeting Results

The Fine Arts Center Partners held its Spring Business Meeting on Wednesday 27 March to elect the slate of candidates for a new Executive Committee.

The new Executive Committee members are as follows:

President - Bill Sauerbrey

Bill is the father of two kids at FAC. Anna is a Freshman in the morning Creative Writing program and Chris is a Junior in the afternoon Tech Theatre program. Bill served on the Partners board this year with the focus of tee-shirts and hoodies.

Vice-President - Rich Nicoloff

Rich is the father AJ, a Senior in Creative Writing, and Brianna, a rising Freshman in Visual Arts. Rich has served on the boards of numerous non-profits since he was a teenager, and has a passion for the arts and the FAC. This is a special school and he wants to do all he can to make sure that it has the everything it needs to continue providing a safe, creative learning environment with outstanding teachers for our youth.

Treasurer - Dr. Erica Rhodes

Controller, previous tax auditor/reviewer/preparer IRS, mother of a rising Freshman Violist at our Fine School, and mother of 3 other grown children. Erica has been Treasurer of many organizations from Rhode Island to SC for such institutions as the PTA, ASTA, Small Business Assoc., and many more.

Secretary - Stephanie Knobel

Stephanie is the mother of Anna, a Freshman in the 8:00 Drama class and attends WHHS. Stephanie is the Executive Director of the YMCA Judson Community Center, serves as the workgroup chair for LiveWell Greenville Early Childhood workgroup, is a member of the LiveWell Leadership board, and serves on the Palmetto Shared Services Alliance Board.